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Himalaya Cafe Designed by Interiortree

If you are planning to a cafe and unique style where you can hang out lighting and the wooden work in all its look so classy and attractive dark finishing work with interiortree.

If you are preparing to be in conventional, modern design mixed or you’ll be able to possess it build in whatever style you in wooden work it’s natural beauty of wood to enhance your area.

Wood Tabletop

Wood tabletops give your cafe a warm, cozy feel and its appeal does not diminish with wear and tear, but instead adds character. However, wood is sensitive to excessive heat and moisture, and you will need to maintain it with a food grade mineral oil. The color is also likely to change over time.

Wood tabletops add a special character to the ambiance of a restaurant. The upside of having a wooden tabletop option is that it can be bruised or scuffed without subtracting from its overall appeal and beauty.

  • 21 8′ cedar tongue and groove 6″ width boards
  • 5 12′ pne tongue and groove 6″ width boards
  • 9 8′ 3×1 boards
  • 2″ long 18 gauge pin nails

Nail gun
Wood stain (We used Special Walnut)
Cordless Skill Saw
Carpenter triangle (or something else to ensure straight edges)

Here is how we did it

First, we went to Lowes and chose our wood. We decided on a mix of cedar and pine boards, getting twenty-one 8′ cedar tongue and groove 6″ width boards and five 12′ pine tongue and groove 6″ boards.

We also got nine 8′ 3×1 boards that were pin nailed (using 2″ long 18 gauge) to the studs over the dry wall so that if we happen to change the room down the road, we aren’t ripping the wood from the actual wall which would result in us having to re-do the dry wall.

We decided on Special Walnut as our stain, and since we chose two different kinds of wood, we knew it would vary the shade of color as well.

The front facade is the most important for public traffic in your cafe so we provide T roof wooden front facade it’s look more attractive and effective for enhancing the look.

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